Our residential services:
In home wiring repairs and installation
Energy efficient electrical upgrades
Interior lighting installation
Lighting control systems (sensor lighting)
Exterior and landscape lighting installation
Residential generator back-up power installation
Recessed lighting, LED lighting fixtures
Attic/bath/ceiling fans installation
Home appliances installation
Electrical panels repair and upgrade
Electric heat
Smoke detectors, safety switched and much more




Our commercial services:
Wiring repairs and installation
New lighting systems and lighting maintenance
Back-up generator installation
Fuses and circuit breakers panels
Energy efficient lighting and electrical upgrades
Outdoors lighting and controls, security lighting
Control panels and industrial panels repair and installation
Hydraulic equipment repair and maintenance
Commercial overhead door motor operators repair and installation
Electric gate operators repair and installation 
and much more



We offer LED lighting fixtures for sale and installation. At this time we have 4 models of LED fixtures.

    Model RT18-18-115-6500K                          Model RT7-66-115-6500K                                     Model ST9-90-115-6500K

                                                                                                                                                        Model SF9-90-115-6500K

-       Round recessed down light trim                       -    Round LED ceiling light with white finish                      -        Square LED ceiling light with white finish

-       Material: aluminum construction                       -     Flush mount housing design                                         -        Flush mount housing design

-       Brushed nickel finish                                           -    Clear transparent acrylic diffuser                                    -        Clear transparent or Frosted acrylic diffuser

-       The design features a pivoting                          -     Includes 66 LED elements, uses only                          -       Includes 90 LED elements, uses only 9W of

         center “eyeball” that easily                                        7W of power. More than 3 times energy                               power. More than 3 times energy saving

         directs light, making it perfect                                  saving compare to traditional energy                                    compare to traditional energy saving bulb

         for specific ceiling applications                               saving bulb                                                                         -     Highly-efficient electronics ballast,

-      Includes 18 LED elements, uses                      -    Highly-efficient electronics ballast, ensure to                      ensure to long lifespan using

       only 18W of power.                                                      long lifespan using                                                            -     Color temperature 6500K 

        Safe 80% energy                                                  -     Color temperature 6500K                                                 -      Light output is 990 lumens

-       Long life up to 20,000 Hrs                                  -     Light output is 726 lumens                                              -      Voltage 110-120V AC

-       Color temperature 6500K                                  -     Voltage 110-120V AC                                                         -      10” wide by 10” long (housing)

       Light output is 500 lumens                               -     9.5” diameter (housing)                                                    -      1.25” high (housing) 

-       Voltage 110-120V AC                                          -     1.25” high (housing)

-        6.25” diameter (housing)

-        5” high (housing)

-        Requires ceiling opening 5” diameter.